Bardadum: The Kingdom Roads

Emedion Games
(Paris, France)

Puzzle Game / Indie

Game release date:
May 30 2014 (iOS), June 19 2014 (Android)

iOS, Android (Windows Phone 8 & XBLIG coming soon)


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Jean-Rémi Tessier:
+336 15 42 17 43

Game Overview

Slip on your best shoes and tread upon the kingdom roads. Help a bard, a knight and their fantasy friends to find their respective objects through a funny polished puzzle game. But think before you move because it’s not going to be a stroll in the park! The Bardadum world can be full of surprises...

The Game


Bardadum: The Kingdom Roads is the first game of Emedion Games to be commercialized. The team consists of 3 persons: a coder, a graphic designer/musician artist and a level designer. After working together on several digital comics projects, they gathered again to create this innovative puzzle game.


The project is inspired from link game’s gameplay, where the goal is to unit several couples in a grid without crossing their paths. Starting from here, the team decided to add new mechanics to enrich the game experience and increase the challenge through the player progression. You can then discover to teleporters, magic bridges, mobile turtles or crocodiles limiting the player movement in a specific direction.

With its quick and easy touch controls, Bardadum: The Kingdom Roads is within everyone's reach. The game is designed for a large public, from casual to confirmed players. Note that there is no language barrier issue for the player, the game doesn’t include any important text.


Bardadum brings a rich and accessible atmosphere with fine graphics. The game takes place in a fairy tale world and is original thanks to its atypical characters, their story and the present humor. The story told in Bardadum: The Kingdom Roads is about two charismatic heroes: a bard and his friend the knight. This duo will travel through the kingdom in quest for recognition after being tricked by a nasty whitch. The atmosphere of the game is supported by quality musics recorded with acoustic instruments.


Discover 4 worlds: the enchanted forest, the whitch’s house, the swamp and the king’s castle. You will meet there with 16 funny characters. Solve 500 handcrafted levels distributed into 3 game modes (easy levels, hard levels and Time Attack levels) offering a progressive challenge. After the purchase the game doesn’t include any in-App purchases nor ads nor intrusive social features. Bardadum introduce an innovating non-linear progression system. The player can choose the puzzle he wants to play among a couple of available levels in the level’s grid menu. So it can avoid him getting stuck on a single level.


The team worked flat out and made every effort to make of Bardadum: The Kingdom Roads a polished and varied game.

The project is currently nearing completion for other platforms: Xbox Live Indie Games, Windows Phone. The game is on sale for 1.99$ and offers about 20 hours of entertainment. Bardadum: The Kingdom Roads is available since May 30 for iOS and June 19 for Android.

About Emedion Games

Emedion is a precursor in innovating interactive digital comics with several titles released on iOS. Today Emedion Games' team goal is to create mobile games fitted to the targeted platforms. These multidisciplinary passionate people create original and polished games with very small means.

The team members worked on titles for GBA, PocketPC, PS2, DS, Wii and PS3.

They Talk About Us

  • "7/10 : A deceptively simple puzzler, Bardadum: The Kingdom Roads is equal parts challenging and rewarding "
    - Review written by Peter Willington, PocketGamer
  • "There's a wealth of content here with over five hundred different puzzles across the two difficulties. Emedion Games has a brilliant concept."
    - Review written by Elijah Beahm, GameSkinny
  • "With all this game has to offer, you'll want to do more than taste — you'll want to take that kingdom road to Bardadum with the whole cast of nutty characters."
    - Review written by dsrtrosy, Jay is Game

Bardadum Staff

David Sacomant
Game Design, Level Design, Project Manager, Animation

Jean-Rémi Tessier
Art Direction, Animation, Music

Naël Mskine
Cocos2D-X Development

Romain de Marco
XNA Development

Robin Shneider
Sound Design